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Chars Chars

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Roald Dahl anyone?

005 Charmeleon 005 Charmeleon

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I disagree

I disagree with these 'Anatomical Inaccuracies' It's based on pokemon right? We don't even know their anatomy... i'd say this is some mighty fine work! Art isnt just how it looks; it's about the idea and creativity behind it. For such an original and interesting submission all my 10's are yours!

Joes Adventures 1 Joes Adventures 1

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That makes absolutly no sense.... and i fail to see th humour =/ But its still a good effort =]

Joe's Adventures 10 Joe's Adventures 10

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Makes abolsutly no sense... i can see the humour. But was the beginnin really necessary?

Octopus on a Typewriter Octopus on a Typewriter

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People assume...

People assume an octopus is usless with a typewriter, i dont know whether to disagree or agree...

Its like Mr. T in wow, doesnt belong there. But he suits the place!

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Chickenlump responds:

He may not look like he's worthy, but if we were more accepting, we might all see what sort of potential an octopus on a typewriter can have!

TB-303 TB-303

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Mich responds: